Principal Message

dr_aaliaPrincipal/Director Campus Message

Dear Students!

At the heart of every country & institution have a ‘vision ‘which provides the nucleus of meaning and purpose to it. It was the vision of Allama Iqbal and Quaid e Azam to create an Islamic State for the Muslims of South Asia. This vision was based on the highest ideals of faith in Allah, wisdom, truth, knowledge and piety which are imperative for every civilization, country and institution. I want this institution to produce not only skilled personnel equipped with update and most current knowledge but also firmly entrenched in and aware of the Islamic Intellectual, scholastic and cultural heritage. This campus aims at teaching, developing and restructuring various disciplines in such a way as to produce a balanced and harmonious human personality duly informed of and embedded in the Islamic worldview. Today almost everybody speaks about material welfare and comfort without seeing any values other than these. Yet despite of material prosperity, the world of today is still unhappy. Why? Because we have forgotten the purpose of our creation. The Holy Quran tells us that man was created in the best of stature and the goal of human life is to live in consonance with the idea of human perfection. My dear students’ advice and make the quest to achieve perfection. You have miles to walk.

“There are two powers in the world, one is sword and the other one is pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a 3rd power stronger than both, that is of the Women.” (Qauid e Azam)

Prof. Dr. Aalia Sohail Khan
Principal/Director Campus
Govt. Post Graduate College for Women
6th Road, Satellite Town Rawalpindi.